Strategic Promotions Inc. offers a wide range of services to help businesses increase brand awareness and drive sales through the use of promotional products. Here are some of the services typically offered by Strategic Promotions Inc.:

    1. Product selection: Strategic Promotions Inc. can help businesses choose the best products for their marketing campaigns based on the target audience, budget, and marketing objectives. They offer a wide variety of products, including apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, and office supplies, among others.

    2. Customization: Strategic Promotions Inc. can customize products with a company logo, message, or design to increase brand recognition and reinforce brand identity. They use a variety of printing techniques, including screen printing, embroidery, and laser engraving, among others.

    3. Graphic design: Strategic Promotions Inc. can provide graphic design services to create custom designs that align with a company's brand identity and messaging.

    4. Fulfillment and distribution: Strategic Promotions Inc. can handle the entire order fulfillment process, from ordering to shipping and delivery. They can also store inventory and provide drop-shipping services.

    5. Marketing strategy: Strategic Promotions Inc. can help businesses develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates promotional products. They can provide guidance on product selection, customization, and distribution to maximize the impact of the campaign.

    6. Event planning: Strategic Promotions Inc. can help businesses plan and execute events, trade shows, and other marketing activities. They can provide products, signage, and other materials to promote the event and increase brand visibility.

    7. Customer service: Strategic Promotions Inc. can provide exceptional customer service, including product recommendations, order tracking, and timely response to customer inquiries or concerns.

Overall, Strategic Promotions Inc. provides businesses with a range of services that help them achieve their marketing objectives through the use of customized and effective promotional products.

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